Targeted analysis and advice on matters of importance to global security and business.

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Navisio Global's policy and risk assesments allow your projects to acheive maximum potential.

Policy & Risk Assessment

  • RISK ASSESSMENTS: Navisio Global commands an unmatched ability to identify and understand social, governmental, and economic risk that impacts your industry.  We help you assess and mitigate that risk, and protect your people and resources…Navigate with Vision.
  • POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS: Whether you head an international organization or a multinational corporation, Navisio Global helps you stay ahead of the policy-making cycle, turning strategic thinking into concrete policies with sound monitoring regimes and flexible change mechanisms.

Navisio Global accesses culture, expertise and solutions.

Corporate Answers

  • INFORMATION: Institutions succeed or fail by their ability to command the right information at the right time but knowledge development and intelligence staffs are expensive commodities.  Navisio Global provides two flexible corporate answer services to meet your needs from the simple to the complex.
  • ON DEMAND: If your information requirements are specific, short term, or urgent in nature, Navisio Global provides one-time, issue-based products to allow you to continue planning, point you in the right direction, or get you through a crisis.
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    • Annual

Navisio Global Planning Services support the every-day to strategic needs.


  • ESTABLISHMENT PLANNING: Expanding your operations into a new area?  Avoid costly mistakes and false starts.  From the micro to the macro, Navisio Global establishment plans connect you to the inside track and ensure strong linkages between your corporate strategies and realities on the ground.
  • STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION: Cultural awareness is a rare and invaluable commodity when trying to get your message out.  Our Affiliates provide that awareness with an edge: no one else can combine our training and experience with our unmatched access to key demographics.

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A global network of academic, diplomatic, military, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals with the access, experience, language skills, and contacts to understand complex environments where opportunities exist. We lived, worked, and studied in these places and maintain deep relationships that bridge gaps between your business and societal elites that influence business and politics. 

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