Our Customers

University of New South Wales

Navisio Global provided a subject matter expert for a ‘Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)’ on Military Ethics for the Australian Defence Force Academy.


Navisio Global provides business development services and analysis for DigitalGlobe in Europe

NATO Special Operations Headquarters

Navisio Global provided expert remarks on NATO engagement with Asia to the NATO Special Operations School (NSOS)

Joint Forces Command Brunssum

Navisio Global provided subject matter expertise in Special Operations and VJTF SOF

Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (UK)

Navisio Global provided subject matter expertise in Special Operations and Hybrid Warfare

Joint Warfare Centre (NATO)

Navisio Global provided subject matter expertise in Special and Intelligence Operations in scenarios that train Allied commanders and staffs.


Corporations need accurate and timely intelligence so executives can make profitable decisions.  Corporations also have a need to protect their people and resources from physical harm, social or bureaucratic surprise, and hostile actions by competitors.  Navisio Global's corporate clientele benefit from lowered risk and smoother operation at both the micro and macro levels.   

International Organizations

International organizations possess many of the same information requirements and access restrictions as corporations but with the added challenges of common funding and alliance politics that constrain decision making.  Our staff and Affiliates have work experience in your organizations and can help you translate policy to success on the ground.

Research Institutions

Research institutions can also benefit from Navisio Global's cross-domain access and expertise.  We can connect you to all the stakeholders that affect your research, bringing you safely and quickly into the inside track.

Private Clients

Private individuals occasionally have problems or ideas that require expert assistance. Navisio Global has experience with the unique requirements of individuals and families around the world.